Here are some resources from Reputada.

reputadaoverview-thumbnailReputada Overview

You know you need customer feedback to run your business services company. Reputada ties feedback to client support. You want management visibility to client status across the entire client portfolio.

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reputadademo-thumbnailReputada Demo

See how you can use Reputada to quickly and easily collect micro-feedback from your customers and leverage that feedback to keep your customers happy.

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NPS coverIntegrating Jira with Reputada

Reputada provides an integration with Jira that makes it easy to request feedback at the close of a sprint.

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How To Add New Users

See how you can add a new user to your organization’s Reputada account.

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Organizing Feedback With Channels

See how you can use Reputada Channels to quickly and easily organize how feedback is collected.  Use Channels to organize feedback around: services lines, customer types, functional groups, or any combination you can think of…

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ReputadaBranding5 Ways to Build Your Brand Using Micro-Feedback

Leverage Reputada’s branding tools and leverage customer feedback to set your businesss apart.




NPS coverWhat Good is a Net Promoter Score If You Can’t Improve It?

You may be hearing a lot of noise about NPS, but the name of the game in the business world is customer retention for growth and profitability.



7Behaviors coverThe Seven Behaviors of Successful Businesses

Reputada takes a look at how leading businesses describe themselves.  What is your business known for?



Connectwise Channel Integration Guide

Reputada’s integration with ConnectWise Manage™ allows for the automated customer feedback requests when service tickets are closed. This guide describes how to connect your Reputada account with Connectwise.



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