How Allegiant Technology measures customer success

Key Takeaways:

  • Customer success is influenced with every customer interaction your business has
  • Integrating feedback loops into your work processes is achievable with little to no burden for you or your customers
  • Reputada and ConnectWise™ integrated solution is the catalyst to achieve customer success

Allegiant Technology, a leading IT services company in Overland Park, KS, offers business, communications, connectivity and continuity, security and managed IT services.

For its customer success program, Bryan Dancer, the company’s CEO, sought a solution to easily integrate with their ConnectWise™ environment. “We work hard to ensure service quality across the company and need to understand what customers think at the point of service. The Reputada integration with ConnectWise™ was easy to learn and implement. We started with feedback loops around support issues and are expanding into other service areas. Now, over 60% of responses are received within a day and we’re getting insights into the essential business behaviors to focus on.”

Leading managed IT firms are looking at customer success programs as a way to offer consistent quality of service as they grow. The challenges are many including burden on staff to learn yet another system, burden on customers who are frustrated with random survey requests and feedback fatigue, and inconsistent results from manual processes.

Reputada’s ConnectWise Integrated solution enables Allegiant to organize around service areas and customer teams offering different perspectives on the influencers of customer satisfaction.

About Allegiant Technology

Allegiant Technology began in 1974 as Kansas Communications. In our 40 years as a regional IT leader headquartered in the Kansas City area, Allegiant has earned the title of trusted advisor for over 800 small to medium businesses. With offices in Overland Park and a rock solid Data Center in the caves of Lenexa, our unparalleled solution expertise covers everything you need from a managed services provider. For more information about Allegiant Technology visit:

About Reputada, Inc.

Reputada SaaS offering is available for any size team to quickly ramp it customer success program. ConnectWise™ integration and all support are included with all subscription levels.

For more information on getting The Business Value of Feedback™ with Reputada visit

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