ConnectWise Integration Update: Multi-status feedback request triggers

Key Takeaways

  • Update to the ConnectWise Integration includes the ability for Reputada to send a request for feedback (RFF) when a ticket’s status is one of several values.

A recent update to the ConnectWise Integration includes the ability for multiple “closed” ticket statuses to trigger a request for feedback to be sent.  Managed Service Providers often have workflows whereby a ticket may have multiple closed ticket status at various points in the workflow.  For example, let’s say a ticket progresses through a workflow to the status “Ticket1.status.closed.A”, when a request for feedback (rff) is triggered in Reputada.  Sometime later the ticket status changes to:  “Ticket1.status.closed.B” – at that point Reputada applies some simple logic to establish whether a request for feedback was already sent to the customer.  If it has, a request for feedback will be not be sent.  However, if a request for feedback was not sent, Reputada will send a request for feedback.  The intent is to ensure that customer outreach is taking place but to refrain from annoying the customer with multiple feedback requests.

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