Collect customer feedback when sending out invoices… Automatically!

With Reputada you can collect customer feedback at every touch-point. In this post we explain how to set up an automated process to collect feedback every time you send invoices to your customers.

Reputada uses the concept of a Channel to organize feedback.  You can use Channels to automate feedback collection when sending invoices. For this use case, you would do the following:

  1. Create a Channel named “Feedback On Invoices” (or give it a name that you are comfortable with).
  2. Add your customers (to whom you want to send out feedback requests) to the Channel.
  3. In the Channel Details section, go to the section “Automatic requests for feedback”.
  4. Here select the option “Schedule feedback requests”.
  5. Select a date on which requests for feedback should go (this should typically be a day after your invoices go out).
  6. Check the option “Repeat Every Month”.

If different customers are sent invoices on different dates, you could create different Channels for each set of customers. Your feedback process for invoices is now in auto-pilot mode!

The Dashboard will show an overview of the feedback received for each Channel.  Click on the “Dashboard” item on the top menu bar and then select the “Channels” radio button. A chart is shown displaying the feedback ratings for all of your Channels. If you mouse over the name of a specific Channel listed below the chart, then the graph for that Channel will be highlighted.Now you can review and compare all the feedback received from the customers in each Channel.

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