How to reward employees who provide the best customer service

So you are once again faced with the perennial problem of rewarding employees according to the quality of service they provide your customers. That is important, because their service to your customer sets the perception of quality and value of your company in the eyes of your customer.

Reputada can help generate comparisons of employee quality of service to your customers, as shown in the table below.  You can then reward employees based on these numbers.


How does Reputada create this data?

Reputada excels in obtaining customer feedback. Reputada has several methods of getting feedback. You can request feedback about an employee. Generally, requests for feedback go out to customers from customer facing employees, delivery managers, or from a company executive/owner. Feedback from customers can be restricted to executives or made visible to a select group of employees.

For an overview take the Reputada Quick Tour.

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