The Seven Business Behaviors and the Presidential Candidates

There are many ways of looking at a presidential candidate. You could evaluate their foreign policies. Or, determine which would be best for the economy. Or, judge which is best for business. Or, gauge which is the best leader. And so on.

Our Reputada (Rep-u-tada) venture has developed a criteria for evaluating Business-to-business service companies. Through industrial psychology studies and cataloging the concepts the S&P 500 uses to market their services and hire employees, we’ve boiled it down to seven behaviors. So, can we treat presidential candidates as B2B service vendors? Well, no, we hope you don’t use that as your only criteria! However, it is interesting looking at these behaviors and seeing which ones apply, or are missing, and why.

We have an on-going project to collect feedback about the candidates from business leaders based on these behaviors. You can participate, as well, by selecting a candidate and evaluating them here: Reputada Candidate Evaluation

This is not a poll, so when you are done with a candidate you can evaluate additional candidates. And it’s not just all positive or all negative. I’m sure you are more reasonable than congress! You can evaluate a candidate positively and then provide additional feedback by pointing out some behaviors they are lacking.

Later in the primary season we’ll provide an update with analysis of how these candidate stack up. For more information about these seven key B2B service behaviors, please see our document describing them in more detail at our resources page.

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