Reputada: A free customer reputation platform for B2B’s.

If you’ve ever been in the position of hiring an outside services firm then you know how frustrating it can be to narrow the search and ultimately find what you’re looking for. You check with colleagues and probably conduct lots of online research. Before picking up the phone you want to know who is competent and has the reputation for doing great work.

For most B2B customers, that is, businesses who utilize the products and services of other businesses, discovering the reputation of B2B providers online can be quite challenging. Because, unlike in the B2C world where review sites are prevalent and accepted by users, B2B’s have no place to express their hard-earned reputation online so prospective customers and others can find them.

This is where Reputada comes in. Reputada is a free platform that translates B2B customer experiences into reputation that can be easily discovered online.

To see how the buyer experience works try the following: On a mobile device or other browser simply Google : “Ntiva reputation”.  Among the top search results is an entry for “Ntiva customer reputation |”. Upon clicking the entry the user is presented with a reputation credential that includes the business rating and a list of feedback from other customers who’ve worked with the company. Buyers who are researching a business naturally discover the Reputada reputation credential as they research a company and they don’t have to know about Reputada in order to discover the credential. It resides as a breadcrumb of authoritative content to be discovered through organic search.

The platform is built around a few simple but powerful concepts starting with the idea that “customers are your reputation”. In the age of the informed consumer who conducts a majority of the purchase process online before contacting anyone, B2B’s need to make their reputation visible to the online world. Reputada makes it easy for businesses to do so with a simple publishing process that converts feedback into reputation.

But, capturing customer experience in the B2B world requires a different approach than in B2C. In the B2C world the customer holds all the power and anyone can give feedback anonymously. In B2B, the act of giving publicly visible feedback is usually governed through contractual terms and conditions. Feedback may, or may not be anonymous and it’s up to the provider to abide by the rules. The Reputada platform enables customers to post positive and critical feedback while allowing B2Bs to be in control of what feedback is made visible. The rating engine encourages transparency and reduces ratings when feedback is not published.

Also, in the B2C world, the customer provides feedback (positive or negative) voluntarily. In B2B it’s in the provider’s best interest to initiate and engage the customer at all touch-points and remain proactive about outreach for feedback. This can be a significant challenge for providers who deploy different teams for different customer interactions (one team who sells, another team who delivers, and another team who supports). Reputada includes a business social collaboration tool called Ulteamo that makes it very simple to deploy and use without creating a burden for requesting or providing feedback.

The feedback loop is initiated within Ulteamo by sending a ‘request for feedback’ through the software. The request components include a personalized note with a link to the Ulteamo Feedback form at the bottom. It takes less than a minute for a customer to submit feedback using the form.

As consumer buying trends enter B2B environments providers need to respond by repositioning their online presence. It is no longer enough to have a glossy website and lots of followers. Reputada is now available to help B2B providers add natural and authoritative reputation content that B2B buyers are seeking.


Contact: Jed Abernethy


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